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Visit Midtown Grill and enjoy the view over the historic Graslei and the river Lys. 

Don't hesitate and try our high-quality meat, grilled on the Josper, a charcoal grill that preserves the flavour of the product and gives it extra texture and juiciness. 

If you join us for a refreshing drink, why not accompany it with some tasty Bar Bites?

View our menus below.


Our current Menu

Great meat, seasonal vegetables and contemporary versions of local specialities, prepared by our passionate team.

Curious about our seasonal specials?

We update our menu regularly.

Our Valentine's Day Menu

We have a few tables left for Valentine's Day! Treat your date to a delicious 5 course dinner. 

For Valentine's Day, we offer an Exclusive 5-course Menu. 

Enjoy this menu for € 65,- per person, excl. drinks.

Add custom wines, mineral water, coffee and tea with dessert for a supplement of € 30,- per person.

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